Location: RamatHachayal
Size: 800
Date: 2019
Photo: Uzi Porat
HOWTO… excite the owners of and advertising agency whose sole purpose is to excite others? This was the main challenge that stood before us when planning and designing Mench offices, a young and kicking advertising agency that encouraged us, as a design studio, to think outside of the box. We first met Yaniv Melnersky and Saar Naim when we designed their previous office. The design style incorporated a lot of color and humor, including large scale wallcomics that portrayed the office partners as superheroes, a kitchen that included grass floors, and more. Earlier than expected, the company grew and after an intensive search, Yaniv and Saar found their next home – the 4th floor of an old and well-kept building, over looking the Yarkon Park in all its glory. The planning and division of the office space was approved relatively fast and we were able to move onto the next step, the design. Armed with the knowledge that the studio knows the client well, we felt that we nailed the design and we sent Yaniv and Saar our first sketches. The response came immediately, leaving no room for doubt: "No, no, no!!! Not exciting enough, too similar to the previous office. Let's meet." We met that evening in the company of a bottle of red wine and started brainstorming together. Boundaries were stretched. Saar and Yaniv wanted an office that included surprising nooks. They were looking to get excited again and wanted to add much more color and unique elements that defined who they are. They wanted to evolve while maintaining the DNA of their previous firm. We went to bed dizzy and worried, but the next morning we knew exactly what we had to do! In general, as a studio, we start out with a concept and work our way from there. This time around, we began with a specific design idea for the kitchen table sand worked our way from there to the entire office space.

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