Location: Downton Tel Aviv
Size: 80 sqm
Date: 2018
Photo: Galit Deutsch
Designing this project in 3 weeks on a minimal budget was the main challenge we faced when working with Tandemwise, a boutique software company that sells management information systems, specializing in CRM for small and medium-sized businesses. It boasts several products that are marketed through various websites. This means that barely any customers visit the offices and even the business model doesn’t envision any increase in personnel. The design was strictly "for fun" - neither for customers nor to attract new employees. They debated whether to commission a new design or just enter the place as is, but in the end the desire for a pleasant and well-designed space prevailed, so we got started. We unanimously chose a wholesome style by designing a warm and cozy office. We were asked to complete the renovation within two weeks, and the graphics were installed during the move-in week. Thus, in three weeks the office transformed from three old-fashioned and rundown rooms into a pleasant workspace. The place was outdated and neglected. Beige floor, walls scarred by electrical fixtures and old windows. However, it had potential - the street-side balcony, a tree that welcomes visitors and the old-school Tel Aviv architecture. We opted for a concrete-like flooring that made the space homogeneous and warm, the balcony surrounding the room was upgraded, and the wall facing outside was cladded with OSB. The wall cladding became a bar (naturally!!) overlooking the tree and the street. In the conference room, we included matching graphics that interlock the colors in all the rooms, adding light and amusement, and brought colorful chairs. For storage in the workspace, we coated the wall with a concrete-like paint and installed colorful iron lockers.

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