Location: Netanya
Size: 400 sqm
Date: 2019
Photo: Uzi Porat
How do you work with a budget that’s dictated by many factors? Spectory is a company that provides software services. Shortly before moving, they were bought by Taldor. The budget was dictated from on high - meaning we didn’t work directly with the budget supervisor but rather went through mediators and lots of red tape. Also, it was the building’s management company that ran the renovation and managed expenses - on the one hand, they wanted a satisfied customer, but on the other hand they were uptight about the budget. To make long story short, now our studio provides services to both Taldor and the management company😊. The CEO asked that everyone sit together in an open space, including himself. In my experience, it boosts the atmosphere when everyone works together in the same seating arrangement. To create such an open, communal space, we designed multiple conference rooms of various sizes. At the entrance, we placed conference rooms for 4-5 participants, one large and spacious conference room, and additional conference rooms suitable for 1-2 workers. In the open space, we included many whiteboards that are great for brainstorming; we turned the drawers into guest chairs with colorful pillows, so that next to each employee there’s always room for someone to sit and think together; and above the tables we put wooden fixtures - where we embedded colorful cubes that add color to the space. The kitchen was built with a long double-decker bench in the shape of an amphitheater. We also installed screens and cameras in the kitchen area, making it suitable for tutorials and social gatherings.

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