Reindeer Energy

Location: BSR Towers, Bnei Brak
Size: 200 sqm
Date: 2019
Photo: Galit Deutsch
Want to design something impressive that still retains a wholesome look? That’s the challenge we faced with Reindeer Energy, a company seeking to establish and operate a natural gas-fired power plant in central Israel. They’re searching for a complex with optimal conditions, to build a conventional plant that’ll provide significant output to meet the growing demand. The developers wanted an office with a clean look that’s fun to be in; one that’s suitable for hosting investors from major companies (like Siemens, one of the partners); boasting an impressive conference room and executive rooms, and primarily - a pleasant experience for everyone who enters. The office is on a high floor with a stunning view. The space was empty, boring and colorless. The layout didn’t suit the office’s needs or character. So first we chose the right layout - fewer work rooms and in return - a very large and impressive conference room. Then we addressed some key elements: the long wall running through the office was coated with concrete tiles cut in a CNC machine in geometric shapes that we designed. The reception desk was made of MDF and also coated with these concrete tiles. We incorporated black-colored walls in the office, along with selected executive desks with white pallets and oak legs. The large conference table features squares of oak veneer and white-painted MDF. The partitions in the office were made of glass with black profiles, providing a glimpse of the surroundings to those walking down the hall. In the kitchenette, we added a bar table in the same color as the logo and barstools in three shades. Finally, we selected urban photos by photographer Ronen Goldman, adding color and art to the small and neat office.

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