Location: Petach Tikva
Size: 1800 m
Date: 2017
Photo: Galit Deutsch
HOWTO… seat dozens of employees in an open space all while maintaining a pleasant and productive work environment? This was our challenge for NG-Soft .  The company moved from an outdated office building in Hod Hasharon. Over the years employee seating arrangements were created in patches resulting in random order. New employees were seated according to vacant spaces, regardless of functionality and appropriate location. When we designed the new offices, a lot of emphasis was placed on employee seating that will support work processes - which teams are right to situate near each other, as well as a clear division between In order to create a pleasant working environment for over 100 employees, we created an open space based on department divisions. We created small meeting rooms and Team Leader rooms dedicated for each department. Small seating areas were incorporated creating a space for employees to lounge and brainstorm. By creating these divisions in the large open space, we were able to achieve acoustic benefits despite the exposed ceiling and large number of workers in each area. Each workstation includes four tables with low cabinets. To create division between the open space and the corridor, all while providing electrical power to the workstations, we created floor to ceiling partitions. The partitions were painted in different colors  We used wooden light fixtures projecting a soft and warm light to create a cozy and intimate feeling to the space

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