Neto Media

Location: TOYOTA Towers
Size: 1200m
Date: 2019
Photo: Galit Deutsch
HOWTO…design offices that will have that "must-work-in-this-office" vibe for new employees? This was our challenge for NETO MEDIA - a long-standing company with young and talented employees that develops imaginative computer games. The renovation included doubling the company's space, as well as renovating the existing space. The company's offices are situated on an entire floor in the Toyota Towers. Our design inspiration for this project was an o-brainer: computer games! A lot of emphasis was placed on special and unique design elements that the studio created specifically for NETO MEDIA. Computer games, ranging from vintage to most current, became 3D objects that decorated the entire office. A Donkey Kong inspired library was created for the open space, colorful pixels on the walls were used to add color and design. We didn’t stop at computer games. An indoor climbing wall was added to the kitchen area and the classic Hopscotch game livened up the corridor. We knew the elevator lobby had to be a major player in captivating the potential employees arriving for an interview. After playing around with a few directions, we decided to base the design on a scene from the Minecraft videogame. An entire wall was created made of wooden pixels. The pixeled wall includes a tree, clouds, birds, a bicycle and even a cute little duck. To light up the lobby, we created pixeled clouds that we mounted on the ceiling. This waiting area was not going to leave people waiting in boredom! A life size Simon Says game (with lights and sounds) decorates the lobby wall making the wait fun and interactive.

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