Location: Ramat Hachayal
Size: 1700 m
Date: 2016
Photo: Hagar Doppelt
How do you plan for an office you can virtually hear it grows? The main challenge for this project was velocity. When we pitched for the project GETT was a start-up company, by the time we were done, it had offices in three countries and four times the number of employees. We started with renovating half a floor, mainly for the management, R&D, and customer service, but sure enough, it was clear we needed much more space to serve multiple functionalities. We created large open spaces enabling better communication with large teams side by side with quiet chambers for the essential "Me time." We covered the entire office with branded whiteboards stickers and hanged 60 flat screens TVs, so no idea, data, or message will go unnoticed. The cafeteria was built as an open space and serves as an eclectic cafe in the center of the company with numerous seating arrangements. The concept chosen for the office combines street motifs: concrete floor, glass with black iron profiles, street signs, and urban wallpaper. Along with the clean and colorful design of the logo, the office gives the company and its employees a practical and inspiring workspace.

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