Location: Tel Aviv
Size: 400 m
Photo: Uzi Porat
How to design for a company that just moved out of a "shared workspaces" environment was the challenge. Moving out of "Shared workspace" does not mean changing the way the company works. We wanted the "feel" of open space, but with the benefits of a small room. When I met Roy we went on a hunt, and only after finding the "exact" right space, the work started. The new office was built around one large space with several small rooms surrounding it. We placed 4-5 working desks in each room, renovating them mildly. A large portion of the budget was allocated to the open space in the middle. The main area was designed both for work and for fun. Various sitting arrangements, large (and branded) pool table side by side to quiet booths with "ON AIR" illuminating signs. We built a chestnut wood bar with a catalogs' library below the main windows facing the city. Together with small dining tables and cheerful armchairs, we constructed a young-shared-but private working environment.

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