Location: Afek industrial park
Size: 700 m
Date: 2017
Photo: Hagar Dopplet
How do you plan a young-looking, modest office for a billion-dollar worth company. That was the challenge. BATM is a leading supplier of real-time solutions for the bio-medical industry. The CEO is a modest down-to-earth guy who couldn't let go of his 20 years old pieces of furniture because they were "functioning perfectly." The new location was on the 25th floor of a tower with a gorgeous view - It was so pretty the only thought I had was not to obstruct the sites.  I wanted every corner of the office to have a view of the outside. We placed the rooms on the outskirt of the floor perimeter with glass inner walls - so nothing obstructed the landscape outside and the sense of space inside. Both The front desk and the main meeting room were covered with bamboo tiles, adding warmth and texture to the office. We strategically placed colorful elements such as a "Black" whiteboard, light blue laminated surfaces, or yellow dipped table legs to balance the mono-chromatic furniture picked by the management.  In the end, we came up with a clean, warm, spacious office that is not too flashy but inspires pride.

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