Our Story

IZ Studio Is an interior design studio specialize in office and commercial spaces. We are located in Ramat Hasharon.
The studio deals with interior, graphics, and product design. We believe that the sole purpose of the office space is to serve the company and its employees.

We believe that space design should take into account the evolution of the office in the near future We believe that good design makes an office much more than a workplace and we know that proper planning and methodical work will accomplish everything we believe in.

The studio was founded in 2012 by Irit Zucker, who holds a B.s.c in Industrial Engineering and a graduate of interior and graphic design programs. Our work is methodical and based on collaboration with the customer from day one.

We start with a lot of office interaction: We will talk to everyone in your office, learn about the desires, dreams, partners, customers, products, needs, constraints, and of course the budget. At the end of the first stage, we create a site schema with which we can make sure that we did not miss anything. Making sure where the rooms, the kitchen, the front desk are, and that every employee has a place.The second phase is the design program.

Designing is a delicate business, one that requires dialogue, brainstorming, and sometimes a bit of heat. We will create a clear and easy decision-making process for you: We illustrate all of our design ideas with 3D imagery and at the same time build a budget plan for all work. You can see what you will get and how much it will cost.

This is a point for reflection and changes, it is fairly easy to add or subtract things, change colour, or replace a chandelier - the computer is our friend.After we have a design and budget plans we accompany you through all the stages of the renovation: work plans, bills of quantity for the various contractors, guidance in choosing all the professionals, ordering furniture, accessories, graphics, and everything needed until the absolute finished office.
As part of the overall design, we create iconic items, ones that are unique for your office,
to do that we have a workshop, specializing in wood and lighting where we produce the customized items for your office.

We believe that the path to the right office is through understanding the dreams and constraints, a clear design vision, excellent professionals, and meeting time and budget.

And we’re very good at that.